Affiliate Pros & Cons

Pros and cons be that; the favorable or unfavorable factors or reasons of advantages or disadvantages you should look at the lion’s share of the facts and ask yourself;

What is Proactive About Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you are seasoned or a newbie to the online business world of blogging, I think WA can help you much more then you can ever imagine.Leave the credit card in the wallet there is no charge to join.

NO application or software requiring download and/or installation. Everything is accessible online just as if you were signing into Gmail or Facebook.

Access materials from every available device: tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop. The training does not follow a set schedule. The self-paced courses allow you to progress through the training courses, videos and other materials at your own speed.

NO timetables, pressure, encumbrance to act now or lose the opportunity for ever.

The task-based lesson courses are awe-inspiring making you really want to complete them quickly. Simply stated, you just want to get closer to completion of success training. You quickly realize courses are designed for achievement and subsequent upward mobility.

Courses cover everything related to starting a website or blog and making money from the efforts: from the very basic concepts up to the more advanced webmaster techniques.

Provides you the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Whether by written, video or personal interaction you will develop a business mindset that morphs you into a successful entrepreneur.

There is an advanced support system that encompasses classrooms, instant chat, forums, a comment system and direct messaging.

You are being ringed with like-minded people, successful Internet entrepreneurs and expert bloggers. Toss in WA’s owners and co-founder Kyle and Carson, to help you and share their experiences along the way your success is absolutely failsafe.

What Are the Few Wealthy Affiliate Cons?

Not every product is infallible. Perfection is something to shoot for, an ideal, a goal one tries to obtain. With this in mind, Wealthy Affiliate has some points in which it could improve:

For newcomers the amount of fresh information may seem too overcoming (this point contrasts as both positive and negative at the same time); it takes some time to “regain one’s composure”, focus on an area and start. But you know, even this is easily solved by the sizable “Getting Started” button.

The communication between members is so readily available, you could get lost in conversation. The distractions (despite being worthwhile) you could lose focus on the written or video studying. Again, negative and positive concurrently.

My personal belief is I think WA’s construction could be enhanced. The multitude of options, possibilities and buttons can be somewhat distractive sometimes. But this is simply a personal opinion, I prefer a wider layout with lots of surrounding white spaces.Wealthy Affiliate cons are mostly caused by those who choose to be distracted and this in itself in reality (I think) is not really actual imperfections. Whenever I remember this, its cons simply vanish in laughter.

I guess WA has so many big-league things to offer that it becomes crowded and people just may get confused at times. But this boils down to you. Do you want to focus on your goals and succeed or, would you rather chat around and emerge yourself in conversations by reading every comment or sign off and go study? There are after all thousands of positive and motivated people just trying to help each other out.

If you have any questions about the Pros or Cons about Wealthy Affiliate Training I am here and would love to help!

Just leave them below 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate Pros & Cons

  1. I came across your article and wanted to just chime in with my personal experience. I got involved with WA 6 weeks ago and saw all the training available, got started, and quite honestly i havent looked back.

    I only wish i had found it earlier.

    You’re right about a potential feeling of being overwhelmed with all the info lol. It’s a lot, but when you stick with the step by step training, it all comes together. Nice post.

    1. Hi Eric

      The other thing that is great is that when I have asked for comments or feedback from the community; I have gotten some nuggets of information that were/are either nuggets of wealth and/or something I had no idea about. I thought I knew a lot. Finding out otherwise and this is so much worth while. Another thing too is the blog posts on top of all the training really have some great direct as well. Very happy to be here!!


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