Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When did Wealthy Affiliate Start?

A: Wealthy Affiliate started on September 10, 2005

Q: Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam?

A: Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate. It is not a scam but rather a highly ranked (by both Google & Alexa) online training community, which has been steadily growing for more than 9 years.

WA is a boon and has made countless people money and personal freedom. Although it’s not possible for WA to be a fit for everyone, the way that WA is offered is made very plain. Anyone can be successful and remain a free member for as long as they like. All pricing beyond free memberships are made completely up front. There are no hidden fees and there are absolutely no up charges.

If a person finds the need to have their money refunded, you will not find a better pair of owners, Kyle and Carson, to deal with directly to get your situation resolved.

You get a name and a face and an easy way to talk directly to the owners of a huge internet company. Have you ever heard of this before?

Q: How do I get paid by Wealthy Affiliate?

A: There are a couple of ways. As a Free Starter Member you can refer others to Wealthy Affiliate and earn a monthly recurring payment of $11.75 per person that signs up for the Premium Membership. As a Premium Member you will make 100% more and earn $23.50 per person. – Also as a Premium Member you can create training tutorials and get paid for them as well. – Then there is the way a majority of the members get paid, from affiliate marketing with major online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, and thousands more. What you do is promote whatever products they sell by writing a review and every sale your review generates for the online retailer, they pay you a commission. So there are many ways to make money at Wealthy Affiliate.

Q: What will Wealthy Affiliate teach me?

A: Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build your own website to start your own online business. You will learn how to make money in Affiliate Marketing and other avenues of an online business.

Q: Is Wealthy Affiliate University a different organization?

A: Wealthy Affiliate and Wealthy Affiliate University are the same.

Q: What is the mission of Wealthy Affiliate?

A: The mission of Wealthy Affiliate is making it possible for everyone, through proper training and guidance, to become successful online marketers.

Q: How is the help structured on Wealthy Affiliate?

Technical Support: 24/7/365

Community support: 24/7/365

Q&A: Wealthy Affiliate is open around the clock, and all Q&A are databased and accessible.

PM (private Message): All premium members are able to reach out to each other, (most members are specialized in some area), and the willingness to help is incredible.

Live chat: Ask in person your question in live chat, where Kyle and Carson are present on a regular base too.

Q: How long does it take to make money?

A: Some have their first sale within a month.

That is depending on how much time you put in and in which niche you are promoting and how.

It depends on a lot of factors. But there is a whole community waiting to help you with ideas.

Q: How are you going to advertise and how much does this cost?

A: The lessons are based on learning how to structure your website, so it will become visible at Google/Bing and other search engines. That way you get more and more visitors to your website and more chances products will be purchased via your banners. There are also tutorials to teach you how to spread your content on all different social media sites, like twitter, G+, and Facebook. This system is free of any charges.

Q: Can you make money as a free member?

A: It is possible but in my honest opinion I would say it’s unlikely.

The prime reason that the starter account exists is to allow you the chance to see inside the community 100% risk free. This was and still is a feature of Wealthy Affiliate that the owners, Kyle and Carson, are very passionate about. They believe that you should be able to trial their product, see the training that’s on offer and experience the community before deciding to join.

You can remain a free member and you can build your two free websites without ever going premium if you wish, but you are, in my opinion, limiting your chances of being successful if this is the route that you choose as after the first 7 days your access to the community and training is restricted.

Q: Can I really make money online?

I do, so you can do it too. I use various ways to make money online. I promote products. I promote companies with affiliate programs and I promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Q: Has Wealthy Affiliate its own affiliate program?

A: Yes, and it is one of the best affiliate programs online.

Q: How do I get paid and when do I get paid?

You’ll get paid by one of the companies you become an affiliate of. They usually pay by check, direct deposit or PayPal. It will differ depending on the company you work with. Some companies will pay monthly others will pay quarterly. Either way when you sign up for FREE to be an affiliate of a given company that you’ll put on your website, they’ll tell you how you get paid, what you get paid and when. You’ll also be able to log into their individual websites to see how much money you’ve made and are owed. They’ll also email you too.

Q: Can this business be done in any country?

Yes, the Internet is global and so is the opportunity. There are folks within absolutely every country in the world at WA (and lots of them). With close to 280,000 members, you have a community that you can network with and it is really exciting to see people within all niches, from all countries in the world building successful businesses online. So yes, most definitely you can.

Q: How do I get started & is there a cost?

A: The great thing about the WA community is they provide options to people regardless of your financial situation. With WA you have two options which are as follows:

Starter Membership, $0 aka FREE for as long as you want.

Premium Membership, $47 per month or pay $359 per year if you want to save money.

It’s your choice either way. Most people just sign up as a starter member since It’s FREE and you can stay at the level for as long as you want. There is no pressure to upgrade.

So getting started is as simple as:

  1. Sign up for a FREE Starter account by clicking here.
  2. Fill in your profile which consist of adding a short description of yourself and why you’ve joined WA, uploading a picture of yourself or anything you want.
  3. Start the step by step training where we walk you through building a website & making money with it.

Q: Can I earn money even as a free member or do I have to be a premium?

A: My suggestion is to always get rolling initially with the FREE Starter membership. This is going to take you through the foundation building stages, get you through choosing a niche, building a website, and developing your initial website framework. At that point you have a foundation that can be used to be a very successful business online.

But yes, you can earn within the FREE membership. You have full control over your websites, but the initial focus should be building your initial foundation and working to get traffic on your website (which is taught as you move through the training). Once you have traffic, you have an audience to promote to (lots of opportunity to generate revenue).

Obviously the Premium membership is advantageous (more training, more live classes, more mentoring, more tools, more access, etc.), but upgrade at your own pace and what works best for you and your financial situation.

Q: What will I have to do?

A: Essentially all you will have to do is to go through the training that is provided and using this you can create your own web based business.

Q: What if I can’t do it?

Many people think this before they start with WA for many reasons. If you find it difficult you have plenty of expert support available to you from the Members and Owners of WA, and this support is also free. However if you really don’t feel it’s for you then you simply stop and that’s okay.

Q: How much time does it take?

A: This is entirely up to you. It comes down to what time you can spare from your day to do this, be it one hour or 5 hours. The more you can commit to this work the faster will be your progress – but in the end it is up to you.

Q: Is there any pressure to complete the work?

A: Absolutely not. The timing is up to you, and there will never be any pressure to perform quicker.

Q: What tools do I need?

A: The tools you need are provided by WA in terms of:

–         Word Press Express to build your site

–       Keywords and competition research tools

–       Access to over 1400 website templates to make a good start.

–       In your own work space all you really need is a computer of some sort, and the will to work.

Q: What language is WA in?

A: Wealthy Affiliate is in English but there are some members from all over the world so if English is not your native language please don’t worry.

Q: Do I need a web site?

A: The short answer is yes. BUT in the very first training sessions of WA you are taught how to make a web site and it is very easy – takes just a few minutes of choosing options.

Q: Do I need products to sell?

A: You will be selling products or services but you do not have to buy a bunch of products and n put them in your garage (if you have one), The Affiliate Marketing taught here is marketing of other companies products for a commission. Those companies deal with all the product distribution. Of course if you have a business selling products already then WA is ideal for you to expand that business.

Q: Do I need to know marketing?

A: No, you will find all you need for this in WA

Q: What is the Secret Formula for success with the Wealthy Affiliate Method?

Time and Effort. There is no quick buck made here. WA exists to prove that their method works with proper time and effort spent.

If a person is looking to make a quick buck, they need to look someone else. But this is the beauty of it. Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Sure, you can learn techniques that trick the search engine into ranking your pages, but that is not the WA way.

The WA way is to show you EXACTLY WHAT the search engines are looking for and for you to write content in accordance with the rules of the search engines. You will win. Many have.

The exact opposite. WA is a boon and has made countless people money and personal freedom. Although it’s not possible for WA to be a fit for everyone, the way that WA is offered is made very plain. Anyone can be successful and remain a free member for as long as they like. All pricing beyond free memberships are made completely up front. There are no hidden fees and there are absolutely no up charges.

If a person finds the need to have their money refunded, you will not find a better pair of owners, Kyle and Carson, to deal with directly to get your situation resolved.

You get a name and a face and an easy way to talk directly to the owners of a huge internet company. Have you ever heard of this before?

Q: Am I guaranteed to make money if I join Wealthy Affiliate?

A: No. How successful you’ll be–or whether you’ll be successful at all–depends on a variety of factors only you can control.

  • Did you choose a niche for which there’s a market?
  • Did you choose appropriate affiliate programs?
  • Do you write reasonably well?
  • Do you post consistently and with an eye toward serving your target audience?
  • Do you keep learning and improving?
  • Do you persevere even when it seems like nothing is happening?

These things are all within your power, and if you do them all and stick it out, I’m sure you’ll be successful. But should there be a zombie apocalypse, giant meteor strike, or other unforeseen disaster that renders online commerce obsolete, all bets are off.

Q: If I go Premium and decide I don’t like it, can I switch back to the free starter level?

No. Make sure you’re really ready before you go Premium, because you can’t go back to the Starter level once you’ve upgraded.

Q: Is Premium worth it?

A: Yes, absolutely, but I’d advise not jumping into it right away. Take your time, check everything out, and make an informed decision when you’re ready.

Q: Okay, I’m ready to check it out. How do I sign up?

A: For the affiliate link, you can click the button above, the one that says, “Create Your Account Today,” or you can click on this banner. Look below the banner for the non-affiliate link.

Q: I have read other Wealthy Affiliate review sites and many of them say that almost every other program on the internet is a scam – is this true?

There is a huge number of products available at the moment and naturally some are better than others, however I think that the word “scam” is a very strong term.  There are some products that really are rubbish and aren’t worth the money that they are sold for and these products probably are scams as you are not getting what you pay for.

There are other products that you cannot describe as scams however, do have shortcomings such as:

  1. No realistic support
  2. Hidden charges
  3. Promises of huge earnings in a short period of time
  4. Suggests that very little work is involved
  5. Based on Google marketing techniques that may be outdated due to the various Google upgrades

Programs with these failings I would describe as misleading rather than a scam. For example, if a product is actually quite good in that it teaches you how to build a monetized website, but tells you can achieve this by working 2 hours a week, when in fact you need to work 25 hours a week – is that a scam or just misleading? Whatever you call it, I wouldn’t be happy being involved either in a scam or being misled.

I can only speak for myself, and for me Wealthy Affiliate has been amazing. It is the best training product that I have ever come across and it is the only product that has actually helped me to build websites successfully online.

Q: How computer literate do I need to be?

A: If you can use a word processor program then you will be OK.

You will also need your own computer and an Internet connection

Q: What is the best way to take advantage of the free starter account?

A: Use it to see what that offer is exactly as described and also;

  • Access the training courses
  • Read some blogs
  • Chat with members
  • Ask questions about peoples experiences
  • Use the keyword tool
  • Have fun!

By interacting and trialing you will be able to see just how great Wealthy Affiliate is.

Q: Do I have to recruit new members to Wealthy Affiliate?

A: No, you are not required to do this.

Wealthy Affiliate was set up in order to show people how to profit from niche websites. A niche website can be about anything, so there are a wide range of topics covered by Wealthy Affiliate members:

Q: Is it easy to cancel my membership?

A: Yes. If you have upgraded to Premium then you can cancel your subscription at any time via your account profile. There is a “Stop Billing and Close” button which will terminate your account.

Q: Will I be pressured into upgrading to Premium membership?

A: No, not at all.

In my opinion, upgrading to premium is the right thing to do, but if you decide to take that step you should only do that when you are comfortable with the idea. No-one will try to force you to upgrade, they will simply tell you about their own experiences within Wealthy Affiliate and then it’s up to you.

Q: Is there anything negative about Wealthy Affiliate?

A: When you start with Wealthy Affiliate, it can seem a little overwhelming as there is a lot of content and a lot to take in. I know because that’s how I felt. But, there are two things that really help with this:

  1. Just keep following the step-by-step training. This is absolutely the best thing to do. This breaks down the whole process into bite sized chunks which you can keep completing at your own pace.
  2. Ask for help if you get stuck and other members including the owners Kyle and Carson will help. Everyone who is a member of Wealthy Affiliate has encountered problems on their journey and they are all happy to share how they overcame problems with you.

Please don’t ever feel isolated. When you join Wealthy Affiliate we can connect on the inside and I can show you around and if you decide to stay we can stay connected.

Ready to get started for Free? 

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Need anything additional? Drop me a line below because I really like questions, input and suggestions!

You can also visit me at Wealthy Affiliate on my profile page @ https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/rhudkins It is here where you can learn about me, follow me, or leave a public or private message.

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4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Jagi

    Great review of wealthy affiliate. When I started with them, I was all for the free, but a bit wary of what was going to be thrown at me. Interestingly nothing, I could’ve gone for free for as long as I liked. I upgraded to premium really fast because I enjoyed the program so much. I learned a lot here that I never learned anywhere else..

    1. Ron

      Hi Jagi

      Oh I agree with what you are saying for sure. Despite the due diligence I did and everything saying there will be no pressure, you can stay at the free level forever; I did not believe it. Just like you was expecting some arm twisting. Never was. I went premium too. Was not hard to see the valuable upgrades in training and all the other beneficial stuff.

      I think it is hard to tell people about Wealthy Affiliates because there is flatly so much to brag about here. Not complaining. Just saying – it is tuff to get it all in on a simple website. Hoping to get the word out to everyone thinking about business on the Internet. Save them from getting hosed from scams I was too naïve to see years ago! This schooling here is the true deal!



  2. Owain

    Thanks for a great compilation of frequently asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate. It was a very useful guide for me.

    I did wonder though when you said about factors when it comes to making money. Could you elaborate further on what I need to know and factor in?

    I am really interested in making money online but am still researching and I wonder if Wealthy Affiliate is right for me.

    1. Ron

      Hi Owain

      For affiliate marketing to work, you must run a professional, sophisticated business. What this means frankly is; If customers have too many complaints about you, the company you are promoting will drop you. There goes a portion of your revenue Right?

      Affiliate marketing is a business that doesn’t ask much of you financially from the beginning when you start. You actually can be just as successful using hundred percent free promotional efforts.

      What I mean by free promotional efforts is; you can begin affiliate marketing right here/right now without spending a single dollar. For example places like, HubPages, Infobarrel, Sirgo, Squidoo, Wealthy Affiliate, Weesley and Zujava. But to abide by TOS remember, your content must be unique before submitting to any of these platforms.

      Not every job is going to be suitable for everyone to include even affiliate marketing regardless, it sure beats alternatives like being unemployed. Additionally, not everyone has the personality to be a self starter.

      I could go on forever but, lets just say for now – Because it’s such a low investment/low risk business venture, what is the harm in giving it a try if you’re already considering it? I mean come on you are getting the best marketing training in the world here at Wealthy Affiliate and it also is a Free Startup! No brainer my friend.



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