How to Attract Visitors to Your Site – Three Strategies to Adapt


When you start your website, an issue you will be grappling with is the lack of visitors to your site. If that indeed happens to you, what will be the right path for you to take? Here are the actionable tips you must consider on this part of your being an affiliate marketer.

You will have visitors if you are filling some need

People visit websites because they have a purpose, and that purpose is usually related to something that they want or they need. People have problems and they want solutions to their problems. If your site cannot help them in solving their problems or getting what they want, they will not take time to visit your site.

So, before investing in a product, make sure first that the product is something that people need. Otherwise, no one will pay attention to you and the products that you offer. If your product is not needed, no one will buy, you will have no earnings and you will lose money.

How do you know what people need?

  • People ask questions about their needs. Visit online forums.
  • People are searching things via search engines. Know the keywords that they often use. There are tools you can use to know this.
  • Check companies that already exist and are offering the products you have in mind. What needs are they successfully filling? Then decide if you will have to copy their strategies or create better ones.

Visitors will keep coming if you can make your copy sell

You need to ask the question: How can I make them buy? How can I make them see that what I have is something that will give them value for their money? For this, you need to look into the following:

  • An irresistible headline
  • A good description of how you can solve their problem
  • Your credibility as someone who offers a solution
  • Are there testimonials you can present?
  • How to make an effective offer?
  • Can I create urgency to buy among my visitors?
  • How do you effectively make the sale?

If you can build a good reputation, they will visit your site frequently

What’s a common thing among people is this: they talk only to people they trust. When people search for information, they go to reputable places. You need to build that kind of reputation, and when that has already been established, use the link function to enable people who trust you to recommend you and your products by sending them your links. More points for these are:

  • Create content that people can use. You can have videos and articles and share them with people for free.
  • Be a autoreactive person yourself on the industry where you want to operate. Ask questions so people can have a chance to discuss things with you. Don’t forget to invite others to ask their questions as well. People like to be heard as well, so make it a point that you create occasions where you can listen to people talk. They will appreciate your effort.

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4 thoughts on “How to Attract Visitors to Your Site – Three Strategies to Adapt

  1. RecipeXpress

    Wow. I am going to use these tips and apply these techniques. The site is sleek and easy to use. Love that. This will be one that I share with other; I have a lot of people I know who could use these tips. Keep up the hard work and may you have lots of success.

    1. Ron

      Thanks for the visit RX and the promise to share. Success to us both and those we endeavor to assist

      Regards, Ron

  2. Gabriela

    These tips really get me thinking about how I can improve my content. I’m going to check competition for my hair website and see what people are looking for in forums.

    How do you create urgency to buy with visitors? And do you think an ‘irresistible headline’ is more important than a headline with keywords?

    1. Ron

      Sorry Gabriela I switched the answers around. Doesn’t help when I let myself get distracted (phone, dog, special news reports, etc.).

      Anyway, I am partial to QuickBooks. Track your expenses by Snapping a photo of your receipt and link it to a transaction for easy tax prep. You can Be tax ready by Automatically downloading and categorizing bank transactions and submit sales tax payments. Effortless invoicing You can create custom invoices with your logo and accent colors to reflect your brand. It is now also Cloud Based, etc. You get the point!

      I used Cloud Based storage once and they actually had a glitch and I lost all my data. The only thing that saved me was most of my files I back up on a thumb drive. I had one book I was writing and overlooked (backing it up).I am still rewriting it. Very angry as it was (at one time) in final draft editing.


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