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If you are looking to become an Internet Income Earning Guru let me tell you about a program that can actually make that wish come true.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community membership site founded in 2005 by two online marketers Carson and Kyle .  I placed some pictures of them to your left just so you will know they are real and have families that actually love and support them  more than we in the WA Community do!

You should know that the Wealthy Affiliate program became the number one community for creating and growing a successful online business. I’m not telling you this because they asked me to.  I’m telling you because after being on the Internet since I too was a corporal, this is a program that I have actually gotten into that served me up the best online business start.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a training website.   It has all kinds of free training.  No cost?  That is correct – I said free.  Despite that (free), it is not outdated (you get what you pay for trash).  There is professional videos, classrooms, articles, blog posts etc. all designed to help you and I become an Internet financial success. You know the ones; the type people you know will be smoozing with and bragging about.

The platform also has a huge online community who interact with one another and offer (take it to the bank) guidance and support.  Spam is not allowed.  We will teach you how to market and advertise professionally but realize this; Wealthy Affiliate is a training environment not an online newspaper!

It is my intent to go over every aspect of this program.  I mean everything both pro and con!  Don’t run away – there is no such thing as perfect you know that!  But, when I tell you about the  minor program imperfections, you will laugh just like I did.  So follow along with my program review.  I hate to sound like a commercial but, you will be very glad that you did.  You join here for free and with all the great guidance you will obtain Internet earnings.

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Need anything additional? Drop me a line below because I really like questions, input and suggestions!

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5 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Chanan


    This article provides sufficient details and important information about starting a business online. This can be of great help especially for those who are still planning to start earning online. By reading this article, anyone would be able to know ho to start earning by having an online business.

    This can somehow break the walls of anxiety too. With Wealthy Affiliate being a free training website, anybody can take the training and be successful on their own.


    1. Ron

      Thank you Chanan for your comments. The site is young and I hope soon to add educational articles about affiliate marketing and being a successful webmaster. The goal would be business success to all of us motivated enough to read, write, watch and implement training guidance.



    2. Hi Chanan
      I appreciate what you are saying

      Wealth Affiliate has become the number one community for developing and expanding successful online businesses. Wealthy Affiliate is more than a simple training website. It is an online business university (academy & training).
      To support the article you read and further solidify confidence my recommendation would to read even more about this program on the sites’ homepage at


  2. Norman

    For anyone who wants to start a successful online business, I would tell them to connect with wealthy affiliate because this community has the training and the tools that can help anyone to have online success and to make s good living from their business. In my opinion there is no other system that is out there that is helping persons to reach their goals and to live the kind of life that they always wanted to live. Wealthy affiliate is first choice.

    1. Ron

      Thank you Norman I agree.The training is multiple medias and focused on the mission at hand which is success.As an affiliate with years of Amazon, ClickBank (both legit) commissions under the belt, WA is set apart because the return on investment is the most rewarding i.e. upward mobile and lucrative. Simply put, nothing else free out there is as hard wired as this platform.So very happy to be a member but most of all- thrilled to share the benefits of something so honest and professional!

      Thank you for your opinion and most of all, time.



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