Why Are So Many Internet Start-Ups Failing Today?

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Majority of the country’s people haul themselves out of their homes every day, sit on their desks and accomplish routine tasks to earn a living. If you are one of these people, then there is no doubt that the prospect of starting your own internet start-up seems like a lucrative option. After all, what can be better than earning money through your computer, right in the comfort of your own home, right? Well, as it turns out, this process is a lot harder than it seems. As a matter of fact, so many internet start-ups are failing nowadays. If you have your heart set on starting your own internet company, then you have to do this first: familiarize yourself with the reasons why a huge number of these companies are folding, and take the necessary steps to avoid them.

Setting the Wrong Expectations

Most people are under the impression that the process of running a successful internet business begins and ends with launching a website. While this step is an essential part of the process, this is not the end all and be all of everything.

To keep yourself from making the same mistake, see to it that you have a thorough understanding of the end-to-end process before you even begin anything. Develop the necessary discipline, acquire the skills, and learn what you can about internet marketing.

Launching the Wrong Product for the Wrong Market

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The main reason why many internet start-ups fail is simple: they do not offer products and services that the online marketplace needs. Finding the right offerings will require time for consumer research, but this is an important part of developing products that will sell. Make sure that you will offer something that has selling potential or, even better, something that the market cannot do without.

Launching at the Wrong Time

Success in business has everything to do with finding the right timing and striking at the right time. Think about it this way: you may have a great product with a strong selling potential, but it will not take off if the market is not ready for it. In some cases, businesses also launch products when it is too late and when the market is already saturated by similar offers. For your business to be successful, you need to have foresight that will help you foretell an emerging need and a great pulse as to when you should offer it to the market.

Using the Wrong Business Model

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While there is value that comes with being optimistic, you have to realize that success, especially in the online marketplace, will not happen on its own. You will need to develop and adopt the right business model that will allow you to maximize your opportunities. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that you update your model as your business progresses. This way, you will always be on top of everything and you will always have the right solutions for potential problems within reach. Find the right model or build it, depending on the needs of your company.

What are the Positives Here?

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6 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Internet Start-Ups Failing Today?

  1. Hi Ron,
    Very insightful. Managing expectation is very important and also lunching the right product at the right time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Michele
      Always a pleasure to share here at WA and help each other out. I have picked up so much information, tools and applications from community shares. Its great!

  2. Hey there Ron, just wanted to say thanks for this information!

    I completely agree with what you say about “setting the wrong expectations”, getting a business online to become successful takes hard work and determination.

    Wealthy Affiliate is such a great community, and ill be happy to follow you on there.

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. Hi Josh
      Thanks for your time. Glad the article helped. I’ll look for you in the community and double check that I am following you as well.

  3. Ryan

    Hi, Ron.
    Thanks for a great article.
    I have to fully agree with you on the expectations people have when they first start out.
    It’s a very slow grind at first but you’ll only see results if you keep at it. There is no get rich quick scheme for the internet and you’d be a fool if you didn’t prepare for the hard work ahead.
    How long did it take you to successfully set up your business?

    1. Ron

      Hi Ryan

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.I have been on and off of the Internet since 1993.Some success in the past.For the last year, not as much as in the early years.

      I joined Wealth Affiliate to see what it was I am doing wrong or not doing. Things have really changed!I am swiftly bringing myself back up to speed with all the latest changes, guidance and training from every direction i.e. written, video and spoken.

      Now, here I am still plugging away on the massive amounts of training and the great part is, my sites are beginning to make money again.Success!! Feels good to be in the driver’s seat again.


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